PUCKPUCK Cold Drip Adaptor for AeroPress (Water Vessel & Adaptor Set)

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The PUCKPUCK has been designed to turn your existing AeroPress into a cold brew drip tower! An inexpensive option for cold brew coffee lovers, the PUCKPUCK helps you to create delicious cold brew wherever you go, without compromising on the great taste of slow-drip coffee. With the patent-pending twist valve, you can create seamless adjustment control for the perfect flow rate for your brew.

The PUCKPUCK Set includes the PUCKPUCK Adapter as well as a 500ml Water Vessel with a lid. Alternatively, you can pair the PUCKPUCK Adapter with a standard water bottle, which is a great option for travelling. Simply cut off the bottom end of the bottle, and screw the lid end into the PUCKPUCK Adapter.

- PUCK PUCK Cold drip Adapter
- 500ml Water Vessel

- Designed for use with the AeroPress Coffee Maker (Sold separately).
- Easy to use and clean.
- Seamless flow rate adjustment.
- Thread to suit standard plastic bottle.

How does it work?
1. Simply grab your AeroPress and add your filter and your ground coffee. 
2. Then add the PUCKPUCK splash filter on top of the coffee, and push the PUCKPUCK onto the top of the AeroPress chamber. 
3. Next, screw the PUCKPUCK water vessel. 
4. Now you can add your ice and water, and twist the top section of the PUCKPUCK to adjust the drip flow rate. 
5. Wait for 2-3 hours for your brew, and then enjoy over ice or with milk!  

AeroPress Coffee Maker sold separately.

We recommend the Brewista Glass Server 500ml as the serving vessel - sold separately.