Delter Coffee Press Brew Guide

Delter Coffee Press


Designed to rival the mighty AeroPress, the Delter Coffee Press is a fresh approach to brewing coffee at home. With the goal of reducing agitation to avoid bitter and inconsistent extraction the unique jet seal produces a delicious brew with less bitterness and more clarity. Here is our recipe for making the best coffee with your Delter Coffee Press:



Coffee - 12g

Grind - medium

Water - 200g at 96˚C



Before we even start - don't approach the Delter Press as if it is an AeroPress. The Delter Press is unique, a completely different coffee maker and method of brewing when compared to the AeroPress. How you add the coffee and plunge, and the method of extraction and the resulting cup are completely different.



Place a filter in the Delter cap and rinse with hot water and discard water.



Invert the chamber and add freshly ground coffee into the short end of the chamber directly onto the jet seal. (Do not add into the cap as this will make it difficult to close.) Gently shake to level the bed of coffee. Twist on the cap.



With the plunger fully inserted, place the Delter onto your cup and start pouring your hot water into the brew chamber only adding the desired amount.



Insert the silicone dosing cap into the end of the plunger. Raise the plunger to the 50ml mark and push down slowly to activate the water and coffee contact.


Raise the plunger to above the remaining water and repeat pushing down the plunger. You may need to repeat raising and pushing down the plunger a couple of times until all of the water is pushed through the coffee. If water isn’t being pushed through try pushing slower.



Carefully remove the Delter Press, eject the coffee, rinse clean and enjoy!



The Delter Coffee Press isn’t an AeroPress. When plunging the water through the coffee do so slowly and gently. If a large amount of water is bypassing the seal then you need to push slower.

With the Delter Press you do need to raise and push down the plunger several times to complete a full brew.

When it comes to coffee - fresh is best. Purchase fresh coffee beans from your local cafe or roastery, grinding as required using a hand or electric grinder.

Do your best to ensure the correct water temperature is maintained throughout the whole brewing process - this will help ensure a more even extraction. If you have a standard household kettle use fresh water every time and try turning the jug off just as it begins to boil to achieve a lower brew temperature.



Clean after use.
Wash with hot water and dry.
Occasional cleaning will mild detergent will prevent the build up of coffee oils.


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