Plunger Brew Guide

Plungers or French Press are one of the most common coffee brewing methods around. Here is our favourite recipe and top tips for making the best coffee with your plunger:



8 CUP 

Coffee - 23g

Grind - coarse

Water - 340ml at 95-97˚C

Brew time - 5 mins

Coffee - 55g

Grind - coarse

Water - 880ml at 95-97˚C

Brew time - 5 mins




Pre-heat and rinse the plunger with hot water.



Place the ground coffee in the plunger and pour half the brew water on top.



Dunk the floating grinds with a spoon to ensure all the coffee is wet and continue until the head of coffee has deflated.



Add remaining water and plunge down slightly to keep all coffee grounds immersed. Leave for 5 minutes.



Once the 5 minute brew time has completed remove the plunger and break the floating bed of coffee and scoop it out.



Replace the plunger and pushing all of the way down. Promptly decant the finished brew into cups or a warmed vessel to arrest the brewing.



When it comes to coffee - fresh is best. Purchase fresh coffee beans from your local cafe or roastery, grinding as required using a hand or electric grinder.

Do your best to ensure the correct water temperature is maintained throughout the whole brewing process - this will help ensure a more even extraction.

Once the brew time has completed, break the crust [floating bed of coffee] and scoop it out, then place the filter in and press down. This will give you a sweeter cup of coffee.

Heat your plunger with hot water before brewing. This will help achieve a more stable brew temperature.



Always clean after use.
Wash with hot water and dry.