Swiss Gold Brew Guide

Swiss Gold is a lightweight coffee brewer that is ideal for making great coffee at home, work our out and about. Here is our favourite recipe and top tips for making the best coffee with your Swiss Gold:



Coffee - 16g

Grind - medium

Water - 290ml at 96˚C

Brew time - 3 mins (with twist) / 4:30-5 mins (no twist)




Place the gold filter on top of a vessel large enough for the brew.


Remove the infuser and place the 16g of ground coffee onto the gold filter mesh and ensure it settles into a flat bed.


Place the infuser (the part with holes in it) on top of the coffee and add water, filling up to the black line near the top lip.


Allow the coffee to bloom for 10 seconds. While holding the gold filter compartment, lift the infuser up 1cm and rotate slightly. This breaks the seal created by the reaction of hot water and fresh coffee grounds.


Remove the brewer once the infuser is drained of water. Enjoy.



When it comes to coffee - fresh is best. Purchase fresh coffee beans from your local cafe or roastery, grinding as required using a hand or electric grinder.

Do your best to ensure the correct water temperature is maintained throughout the whole brewing process - this will help ensure a more even extraction.

If your coffee brews faster or slower than what is suggested in the recipe try adjusting the grind (finer if too fast or coarser if too slow).



Clean after use.
Wash with hot water and dry.


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