Replacement Silicone Band & Lid for 354ml (12oz) JOCO Cup - Seaglass Sandstone

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Replacement Silicone Band & Lid to suit 354ml (12oz) JOCO Cup in colour "Seaglass Sandstone."

These silicone bands & lids are available only in the discontinued special edition "seaglass sandstone" which is a transparent version of the standard Sandstone colour.

I have been able to secure a number of bands & lids in seaglass sandstone and want to pass them on to people who have lost their band or lid for their 12oz JOCO Cup.

- 1x Silicone band & 1x silicone lid
- To suit 354ml (12oz) JOCO Cup
- Colour: Seaglass Sandstone
- Brand new

This offer is only available for the "seaglass sandstone" replacement bands & lids. Band and lid sold as a set.

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