Brewista Hourglass Bundle: Brewer + Scales + Kettle + Filters

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- 1x Brewista Hourglass Brewer
- 1x Brewista Ratio Scales
- 1x Hario V60 Buono Gooseneck Kettle
- 1x Pack of filter papers (100x)

Everything you need to start making amazing pour-over coffee - just add coffee and water for incredible coffee at home or work!

BREWISTA HOURGLASS BREWER - its innovative dual spout design provides smooth pouring without splashing. The ergonomically designed profile and non-slip, heat resistant silicone wrap make it easy to handle. Extrusions on the interior of the vessel prevent filters from sticking when wet, so removing grounds is simple and neat when you are ready to pour. Durable tempered borosilicate glass maintains temperature without cracking under quick temperature changes. Fits standard Chemex filter papers (included).

- Tempered borosilicate glass.
- Thick, protective silicone wrap.
- Includes bamboo & leather Chemex style holder.
- Dual pour spouts.
- The interior profile prevents filters from sticking.
- Smooth pouring.
- Perfect for brewing up to 5 cups at a time.

Choose either 750ml or 1,200ml.

BREWISTA RATIO SCALE - allows users to make perfect pour-over coffee by calculating the water needed for pour-over coffee based on the amount of coffee grounds used. With an Auto Mode and a Manual Mode, the Ratio Scale is simple to use and the coffee-to-water ratio settings are easily adjustable. This scale is unlike any other scale on the market - Brewista has designed the Ratio Scale as a tool to help those who wish to perfect their brew ratios by creating a scale that does all of the maths for you. It also features two timing bars on the LCD Display to show the desired pour rate and the actual pour rate, which helps the user pace their pour.

- Make perfect pour-over coffee every time
- Dual timing bars display the actual and desired pour rates
- Adjustable water to grounds ratios
- Automatic and manual modes
- Great training tool for new baristas
- Water-resistant nano-coating
- USB rechargeable battery (micro USB charging cord included)
- Includes protective cover/tray
- Includes silicone pad for water and temperature change resistance 

HARIO V60 BUONO GOOSENECK KETTLE - not only looks great, but it pours like no other kettle in the world. The accuracy and precision allow for that circular motion pour with the guidance of just one finger. The easy-grip handle jibes with the kettle design and is super comfortable in its grip. A "must-have" for drip brewing methods, the slim goose-neck allows for the perfect pour rate. 

The Buono kettle is constructed of a strong, but light-weight stainless steel body so it's stain-resistant and hygienic. The flat bottom allows for gas or electric heating.

- Made from lightweight stainless steel.
- Can be used on gas or electric hobs to heat water.
- 1.2L Capacity
- Dimensions: 274mm (W) x 144mm (D) x 147mm (H)