Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle 0.9L

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Brew better coffee with the gold standard of water kettles: the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle. Featuring a control-enhancing gooseneck spout, variable temperature control, and a matte black facade that looks stunning in any kitchen or cafe, this kettle has taken the coffee industry by storm as a world-favourite.

With variable temperature control and a stunning minimalist design, the Stagg EKG is the ultimate pour over kettle. By simply turning the knob on the EKG base, you can select your desired temperature ranging from 57-100 degrees. The selected temperature is displayed on the small LCD screen on the base and will show the real-time temperature as the water is heating up. The handle is natural to hold, thanks to the ergonomic shape and counterbalance.

- Precision pouring with the perfect balance between speed and pour placement with the gooseneck spout for better, more balanced pour-over coffee.
- Variable temperature control via an easy to turn the dial to heat your water to the temperature of your choice between 57 and 100° C.
- 1 Hour Hold, the ‘hold’ button keeps your water precisely heated for an hour.
- Built-in stopwatch tracks the time once the target temperature is reached to help you achieve the perfect extraction.

- Variable temperature control
- LCD Screen
- Hold Option
- Brew Stopwatch
- Precision pour spout
- Ergonomic counter-balanced handle
- Celsius or Fahrenheit options
- Small, minimalist base

- Power: 230v/50Hz
- Material: 304 stainless steel kettle body and lid; plastic base
- Temperature range: 57-100 degrees Celsius
- Capacity: 900ml
- Weight: 1,180g (including kettle base)
- Dimensions: 267mm x 191mm x 197mm
- Certifications: ETL compliant

Instruction Manual & Safety Guide available here.

Please note that this is not the Fellow Stagg EKG+ (compatible with Acaia scales app) as this version is not available in AU/NZ.