Flair Neo - Manual Lever Espresso Maker

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The NEO is the entry-level manual espresso maker from Flair, built for anyone from beginners to experts and those seeking convenient, affordable espresso in their homes. This is manual espresso brewing... simplified.

The bright red Flow-Control Portafilter is easy to use and is the key to simple manual espresso brewing with the NEO. A restricted exit port means that even if your grind isn't dialed in, or you've got inconsistent grounds from a blade grinder, your brew water will have enough contact time to extract delicious espresso.

The NEO not only brews delicious espresso, all from a manual lever press, but it also has the design to stand out and complete any kitchen counter or coffee station. Choose white or grey, you can't go wrong.

Shots topped with delicious crema, every single time. That was the goal of the NEO, to make espresso brewing easy and simple so that even if you're a beginner, or haven't fully dialed in your grinder, the NEO will do the work for you, brewing delicious espresso shots with ease.

This all-manual, lever press uses no electricity and no wasteful pods. Feel good about yourself and your environment while brewing espresso with the NEO.

- Flow-Control Portafilter
- Stainless Steel Dispersion Screen
- Brewing Cylinder
- Polyacetal Piston
- Dosing Cup
- Funnel
- Drip Tray
- Screw for Affixing Post to Base Permanently

NB: The Flair NEO does NOT come with a carry case like the other models.

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