Palm tamper & Wedge distribution tool (58mm)

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Combo includes:
- Calibrated tamper 58mm (x1)
- Barista Wedge Distribution tool 58mm (x1)

CALIBRATED TAMPER 58MM - Cafe ready, professional-grade palm tamper made from high grade stainless steel and powder-coated aluminium body. Set the desired depth and enjoy consistent tamping coffee to coffee, barista to barista. The body of the palm tamper sits on the outer edge of the portafilter basket ensuring a perfectly level tamp every time.

- Powder-coated aluminium body
- 304 Stainless steel base
- Easy adjustable depth: 5mm - 13mm

BARISTA WEDGE DISTRIBUTION TOOL 58MM - Distributes coffee grinds within the basket prior to tamping. Using a distribution tool ensures an even extraction of espresso.

- Wedge type distribution tool.
- Matte black aluminium body.
- Stainless steel 304 wedge.
- Twist to loosen to adjust set depth of distribution wedge.

58mm to suit Wega, La Marzocco, Astoria, Brasilia, Expobar, Faema, Gaggia, La Scala, Nuova Simonelli, Rancillio & Sunbeam Cafe series. Please check your specific requirements before purchasing.

This is the perfect, must-have combo for cafe’s, work places or home baristas to ensure consistent espresso coffee extraction - coffee to coffee and barista to barista.