Puck Screen - 100 micron

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The Puck Screen is a new innovation being used by professional and home baristas around the world. A Puck Screen is easy to use and helps prevent channeling and promote a more even and balanced extraction - meaning a better-tasting espresso in your cup! As an added bonus it also helps keep your espresso machine clean.

To use - simply prepare and tamp the coffee in your portafilter as normal, then place the puck screen on top of the coffee. 



- Diameter: 58.5mm, 53.5mm & 51mm available

- Material: 316 stainless steel mesh

- Filtration mesh thickness: 1.7mm

- Filtration mesh size: 100μm (microns)

Sizing (select from drop-down menu)

- 58.5mm to suit most professional quality espresso machines

- 53.5mm suits Breville Barista Express machines, and others



- Wash thoroughly with water between uses

- Clean periodically by soaking in espresso machine cleaner/salts.


Please ensure you have selected the correct size from the drop-down menu before proceeding to check out. Thank you.