Rhino Coffee Gear Square In-Bench Knock Chute

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The Rhino Coffee Gear commercial knock chute is clean and stylish in design - specifically designed for setting in bench for cafes, restaurants and office applications. Made from heavy-duty 304 stainless steel this knock chute has a small footprint, making it an easy fit into just about any position in a bench.

Using an in-bench chute takes up less bench space (and keeps the floor clear). The chute design also allows for under counter grounds disposal into a wide variety of multi-purpose bins.

The knock bar is welded to the sides which not only makes it secure but reinforces the structure making the Rhino Coffee Gear knock chute one of the toughest on the market! The rubber sleeve helps protect your portafilter and reduce noise. The rubber gasket surround protects both the bench and baristas fingers and is easily replaceable.

Dimensions: Approx. 140mm x 150mm x 110mm*

*Please note: We recommend you use the actual product as the template when cutting into benchtops to ensure your measurements are exact.