Ten Mile Stainless Steel Filter for AeroPress & Delter Coffee Press

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The Ten Mile Stainless Steel Filter gives you an eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper filters for your AeroPress or Delter Coffee Press. The stainless steel filter disk can be stored inside of your AeroPress or Delter Coffee Press for easy transport and used to brew delicious, full-bodied coffee, time and time again.

- Works with AeroPress & Delter Coffee Press
- Made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel

REUSABLE – Stainless steel filter is permanent, durable, and eliminates paper waste entirely from your AeroPress routine.

FULL-FLAVOURED - Enjoy full-flavoured, full-bodied coffee due to the filter letting through more aromatic coffee oils  into your final brew to producing a richer, fuller, and more velvety cup.

GREAT FOR TRAVEL – Stores neatly inside the AeroPress to save you packing space and can be used back-to-back without losing efficiency.

RAPID CLEAN UP – Rinse thoroughly and dry in less than thirty seconds.

To suit AeroPress Coffee Maker (Classic)AeroPress GO Coffee Maker and Delter Coffee Press.