About us


But First Coffee Limited was established in April 2018 by Bradley Page and Nathaniel Cornish in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Combined we have 15 years of café experience and passion for innovation in, and the art and science of, the coffee industry. Nathaniel has a business and e-commerce background and has worked in cafés and wine distribution. Bradley has a background in architecture, construction and facility management but has been moonlighting in the Wellington coffee scene for a decade.


But First Coffee was established to offer quality coffee equipment and solutions for New Zealand homes, work places and cafés.


But First Coffee is a reusable product advocate, high-quality coffee equipment supplier and developer with a passion for people in every stage of the coffee supply chain, from bean to cup.




To make it possible for every coffee drinker to have the tools and know-how to make great coffee at home, work or café.




To promote and supply sustainable, environmentally friendly products to the coffee industry with the goal of eradicating single-use products and reducing the environmental impact of the coffee industry.

Check out our Environmental Policy for more.




To resource coffee farmers to have access to improved standards of living and to produce higher quality coffee that can demand a higher market price.