AeroPress Brew Guide


The AeroPress Coffee Maker is loved by coffee connoisseurs and professionals around the world. AeroPress delivers delicious and smooth coffee and is the favourite of travellers and the time poor due to its fast brew time, ease of use, compact design and attractive simplicity. Here is our favourite recipe for making the best coffee with your AeroPress:



Coffee - 14g

Grind - medium

Water - 200g at 96˚C

Brew time - 2 mins 




Fit the plunger into the chamber with the rubber seal lining up with the top of the number 4. Stand the AeroPress upside down with the hexagonal end facing up.



Place an AeroPress filter paper into the black diffuser disk and rinse with hot water.



Place 14g freshly ground coffee into the chamber.



Add roughly 28g of water and leave to bloom for 30 seconds.



Add the remaining water (up to 200g). Stir the grounds into the water ensuring that all of the coffee is wet. Lock disk and filter into place and leave to brew for 90 seconds.



Carefully turn the AeroPress over onto your mug and press the plunger down until all water and air is expelled. Enjoy!



When it comes to coffee - fresh is best. Purchase fresh coffee beans from your local cafe or roastery, grinding as required using a hand or electric grinder.

Start every brew by initially blooming the coffee for 30 seconds. We recommend adding 2g of water for every 1g of ground coffee. Blooming exposes the ground coffee to a small amount of water encouraging it to begin to release it's flavour's before the total volume of the brew water is added.

Do your best to ensure the correct water temperature is maintained throughout the whole brewing process - this will help ensure a more even extraction. If you have a standard household kettle use fresh water every time and try turning the jug off just as it begins to boil to achieve a lower brew temperature.



Clean after use.
Wash with hot water and dry.


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