Cone Filter (V60) Brew Guide

V60’s and cone filter brewers are great for getting a quality coffee at home that showcases the subtle flavours of the particular coffee. Here is our favourite recipe and top tips for making the best coffee with your cone brewer:



2 CUP 

Coffee - 15g

Grind - medium

Water - 250ml at 93-96˚C

Brew time - 2-2:30 mins

Coffee - 28g

Grind - medium

Water - 460ml at 93-96˚C

Brew time - 2-2:30 mins




Place the cone on top of the vessel you want to brew coffee into. Place the paper filter in the cone and rinse the paper filter thoroughly with hot water, then tip out the water.



Place your ground coffee into the filter and gently shake side to side achieve a  level bed. Bloom the coffee by gently pouring in 2g of your brew water for every 1g of ground coffee. If unevenly saturated, stir the bloom to ensure all the coffee is wet. Leave for 30 seconds from when the water first came into contact with the ground coffee. 



Slowly add the remaining water up to the total desired volume, continuously pouring in small circles over the centre of the coffee while being careful not to overfill.



Once the last of the water has been added, using a small spoon, gently scrape any coffee that is clinging to the top of the sides of the filter paper back down into the water. As the water draws down, give a very gentle stir. A slight dome should form in the coffee bed. Once the filter has stopped dripping the coffee is brewed.



When it comes to coffee - fresh is best. Purchase fresh coffee beans from your local cafe or roastery, grinding as required using a hand or electric grinder.

A gooseneck kettle gives you the most control over the flow rate of your brew water. The use of a gooseneck kettle makes a noticeable improvement to pour over coffee.

Start every brew by initially blooming the coffee for 30 seconds. We recommend adding 2g of water for every 1g of ground coffee. Blooming exposes the ground coffee to a small amount of water encouraging it to begin to release it's flavours before the total volume of the brew water is added.

Do your best to ensure the correct water temperature is maintained throughout the whole brewing process - this will help ensure a more even extraction.

After the bloom - try to add the water in one continuous pour, keeping the water level topped up until it has all been added.

If your coffee brews faster or slower than what is suggested in the recipe try adjusting the grind (finer if too fast or coarser if too slow).



Always clean after use.
Wash with hot water and dry.


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