Filtropa Paper Filters #2 (40 Pack)

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Filtropa Paper Filters - Size #2 - Pack of 40

For use with brands such as Clever Dripper and other ‘V’ Shape drippers of the same size.

Size #2 - suits 1 cup apparatus.
Made from special compound paper and completely free of taste and smell - Filtropa Coffee filters are the best way to make a perfect cup of coffee. The filter paper maintains its strength when wet, allows the coffee to be filtered at a proper rate and as no other components are used this makes it 100% natural.

- Total Chlorine Free bleached.
- Approved by the international Food and Drug Administration.
- Quality controls performed by ISEGA and TUV.
- Micron Rating: +/- 20 Micron

Dimensions (flat): Mouth: 155mm / Base: 45mm / Height: 115mm